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The HERB Card 

FIRST, we suggest you make an appointment with our office. We ALWAYS accept walk-ins, but appointments come first. 

In the waiting room, patients will fill out any necessary paperwork to keep on file, and for our doctor to evaluate. 

If you have medical records dated within the last 12 months diagnosing you of your condition, our doctor can go straight to the evaluation. If you DON'T have recent medical records, then our doctor can update them with a physical exam. 

Next, our on-site doctor will evaluate and certify patient. 

Before you leave, our office will process your application with the state and give you a copy of your certification and receipt. 

The AZDHS will mail you your physical copy of your MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD in about 14 day! CLICK HERE to check your application status.

Money back if you don't get approved!

*Call for more details 

The Certification Process